Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I need a bookkeeper if I already have a CPA/Accountant?

Generally, CPAs and accountants provide financial advice once or twice a year based on your tax situation. BHB Bookkeeping focuses on your business’s day-to-day financial transactions, reviews your books and provides reports monthly, and focuses on your business’s overall financial health. We also offer additional financial services to help streamline your business. Having a bookkeeper on your team allows you to know all your business incomings and outgoings, plan for the future, stay compliant with the law, create better relationships with banks, and make data-based financial decisions for your business. Most people might think of a bookkeeper as someone who steps in to help with a problem, but the best bookkeeper is a long-term partner. Having a bookkeeper and a CPA/accountant on your team gives you a powerful financial tool for a successful business.

Which businesses do you serve?

BHB Bookkeeping helps small to medium-sized service-based businesses of all kinds (including solopreneurs), and our expertise is in Health and Wellness.

What are your service rates?

BHB Bookkeeping offers cleanup, catch-up, and ongoing monthly services at a reasonable flat rate based on individual needs and requirements. 

Can you assist with bill pay, invoicing, or payroll?

Yes, BHB Bookkeeping can help with business bill pay, client invoicing, and payroll. 

Can I use your services if I'm not located in Delaware?

BHB Bookkeeping uses cloud technology, making it easy to hire a bookkeeper who truly understands your industry, even if you are not local to Delaware. We offer monthly virtual meetings to review your financial reports and ensure we are meet your monthly needs.

Do you offer tax preparation services?

BHB Bookkeeping does not prepare or file your taxes; however, we will work with your accountant to ensure your financials are ready for tax preparation and filing.

"The time Bethany and I spent conversing and getting to know one another felt so natural, as though I was speaking with an old friend. She is authentic, kind and highly intelligent. Joy and kindness radiate from her eyes! She is highly organized and detail-oriented. I HIGHLY recommend working with her for all of your bookkeeping needs, you will be happy you did!"
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Complimentary Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss your business, financial pain points, goals, and how I can help you. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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